Divorce is one of the main components of family law but it also includes family related issues and domestic relations. Separation most often precedes divorce where the parties are able to resolve their issues amicably. In which case a marital settlement agreement is usually in writing and agreed to by the parties. This is highly recommended and can save thousands of dollars in legal fees. A marital settlement agreement deals with all of the issues between the parties including child custody, child support, distribution of assets, life and health insurance, taxes, retirement accounts, the home, alimony and other issues. This is just an overview as there are many other considerations depending on the circumstances involved.

In such cases where the parties cannot agree an action for divorce will be filed by one party. A dissolution proceeding follows the standard rules of civil procedure where discovery is allowed in the form of interrogatories and requests for production among other processes. Finally a trial ensues and each party presents their cases before a judge who hears all the evidence and makes a final ruling on the issues presented.

Family law also includes such areas as adoption, paternity, emancipation of minors and guardianship among other areas of the law.

There is no charge for the initial consultation. I have been representing families in crisis for almost 30 years and I can often get my fees paid by the wealthier party.