The law firm or Burdick, P.A. evolved through many changes and partners beginning in the early 1950s when it was first known as Potter, Langbien and Burdick, then Burdick and Daves and finally Burdick, P.A. when his sons, Geoffrey and Gregory, joined the firm in the early 1980s. Sylvan Burdick was a major force in the community, helping to form the Urban League, he was instrumental in starting the first small claims court and served as West Palm’s city commissioner all the while practicing law and raising his family.

Sylvan Burdick practiced in many areas of the law and when he felt that he was on the right side of the law he did not hesitate to appeal a bad decision and often made new law in the process. Geoffrey and Gregory Burdick where encouraged by their father to become lawyers and to carry on a tradition which began with his father, Albert in New York. The Burdick brothers have practiced together and in their separate firms but in the same building that they purchased.

Geoffrey and Gregory Burdick have each been practicing almost 30 years each and have maintained the principles and practices that Sylvan taught over the years. They strive to place the interests of their clients above all else in the practice. They both have been active in the community and the law and hold themselves to the highest professional standards. When you hire Geoffrey or Gregory you can be assured that you will be getting the best advice and the highest quality of legal services and representation while maintaining a personal and professional relationship with you.